About Me

I’ve been mildly obsessed with learning about personal finance for most of my life. Believe it or not, my Dad gave me a copy of The Millionaire Next Door when I was about 12. I was hooked. The premise, “spend less than you make” resonated with me even then.  A seed began to take root!


In school, some friends and I submitted an idea to a business plan competition. We won at the local level, but were not quite ready to become full-time entrepreneurs. I loved the idea of creating value directly for customers without all the bureaucracy of a big company. From that point on, the spirit of entrepreneurship would never go away, always nagging in the back of my mind.

But, I needed to work first: you have to make something in order to save it. After almost a decade surviving in corporate America, I was fed up with hierarchical org charts, status meetings, vision statements, and a generally empty feeling about what I do. I had the privilege of commiserating with colleagues who educated me about systems. I read (and re-read) Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I saved a few nickels and tried to be patient for the right opportunity to arrive.


Eventually, I had enough nickels to buy a small condominium, rehab it, and start renting it out. Now what? Replicate? Hunker down? Sell? Maybe give something back to the community? Ah, that’s intriguing!  I might possibly even get something intangible in return. This is where I would like to begin this blog: a chance to give back a bit of what I’ve learned and a forum to learn something myself.

Photo Credit: PeteBobb.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m still on my journey and learning as I go.  I’m not an expert. Don’t take what I say as truth or even good advice.  The results of any actions you take are yours alone.


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