One Year Anniversary (Of Being a Landlord)

How did that happen?

A friend of mine said that I would be surprised at how quickly time would pass once our rental property was up and running.  He was right.

It’s actually been 13+ months since our first tenant moved in on November 20 2015 with a six month lease.  She left after about 8 months, and we were able to find another tenant before the unit went vacant.  In August, we signed a year lease with our current tenant.

I last posted on our invested effort in September.  At that the, we had logged 585.5 hours.  All told, we’ve now put in 593 hours since I started keeping track.  In total, we’ve grossed $22,350.  That’s $37.69/hr for those of you keeping track at home.  Of course, that ignores the approximately 200 hours we spent screening.  But, I think it still beats working for a boss.

Rent is due again on the first.  There will be ups and downs…I hope it will be a very happy New Year for us and for you!